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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cards For Soldiers

I have adopted a soldier in Iraq, if you have extra cards and can help out, please send them to:
Becky Chabot
34 Milton Ave
Sanford, ME 04073

I will also be sending care packages every other week. If you are serious about helping and would like to adopt your own soldier, please visit
Soldier's Angels.


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Thursday, December 14, 2006

DragonFlaire Girl!!

I have been invited to join the DragonFlaire 2007 Team!
woohoo! I'm so excited to a part of a scrapping team :o)

OH YEAH!! Check out their great sale on Dec 18th, they have gorgeous digital kits.



Monday, December 11, 2006

Krafty Lady Art Moulds!

I got my mug on the Krafty Lady Art Mould Gallery!!
woohoo!! I used one of her moulds in my Ranger Melt Art Contest layout that won third place.


Check out those moulds, they truly are the BEST! Thank you Kristine!

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HSN Has the WIZARD: Great Deal!!

If anyone has been looking for a new die cutting system (you know.... Merry Christmas to ME! ) lol
You can get a great deal on HSN!!
They have the Wizard for $99 with 6 dies, it's a great bargain.
--make art everyday!



Thursday, December 07, 2006


I am at a loss, my neighbor is in serious trouble and I want to help them.

They have 4 children.
Boy 17 years, Boy 14 years, Girl 11, Girl 4

The 11 year old girl has a serious case of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), her specific case is about germs. She washes so much her skin is wearing off and she won't eat anything because she's afraid it's contaminated. The Mom has had to quit her job (nurse) to be at home with her constantly, she's losing weight and getting sick and it's affecting the other kids, the entire family of course. The Dad is a Marine Patrol Officer, you'd think a government employee would have decent health benefits right? well, his insurance doesn't cover anything to do w/ OCD, too much phsycology involved or something to that affect.

She has been to two appts. in Boston that totalled over $1700.00, with Mom out of work and no insurance coverage, Christmas will be dismall and the length of the affliction/treatment is unknown at this time. They were able to borrow money from a coworker to pay for the first 2 appts.

I am contacting the Chamber of Commerce to address a few local support groups such as Kiwanis and Elks, Toys for Tots etc. It's a bit close to Christmas to plan a benefit, but I'll do something after the new year, or CHA. whew. busy busy.

if you would like to help with paypal donations: (Credit Cards Accepted)

if you want to send gifts for the children for Christmas, PM and I'll send you the address.

I know you don't know me from Adam and there are always questions about authenticity, I've been scammed on such a thing myself actually, sent 6 boxes of relief only to have them refused/not deliverable!! (because I'm leery to send cash to unknown people I meet on cyberspace) I will post follow up info here for you to monitor, and send thank you notes etc. After I talk w/ them I'll see how they feel about some family pics on the internet.
Thanks so much for visiting the blog today (woohoo double posting today) and please help if you can, any donation is greatly appreciated.



Altering Books!! Join now.

I am ready to start another Altered Book Round Robin!! I love to make art everyday, but it's usually for projects, work or assignments and I need a little bit of art from time to time that is just FUN and that is what altered books do for me, they challenge my creativity and I have lots of fun doing that.

So, if you would like to join a round robin........ respond to this post or email: .

First let me explain, if you don't know what a round robin is. A small group of 10-12 artists that create altered books then mail it to the next person to do art in their book, they will receive someone elses book to work in and then mail it off to the next person etc, etc, until all books have been mailed to all members, and finally your book will come back to you after all other members have worked in it.

I'll close the group at 10 participants. I'm sorry, but due to postage costs we will only accept members that are in the Continental USA or a US military base as postage is the same.

Points to Ponder:

1. Keep in mind when you commit to this that it is a 12 month commitment
2. if you are accepted to the group you will need to complete your obligation.
3. I will determine the final players based on membership recommendation.
4. Postage costs will get expensive as the books grow. Which is why we will have one month to ship and work on our entries.
5. Specific mailing dates will be assigned, but you can ship slower rates if you mail early. You must allow the next artist enough time to create their entry before the mailing deadline.
6. I want courteous and conciencious members.
7. Each member selects their book, can be an old hardcover novel, a chipboard book, gated journal etc.
8. Each member picks their own theme, creates a few pages to get the others inspired and should include a sign in page of some sort too.
9. Do not select a book that is larger than 7x 9 x 2 inches.
10. Challenge yourself to doo your best work on your entries, Stick to the theme that the author has chosen and don't procrastinate until the last day and throw something together. Themes will be posted ahead and you can ponder them until the books arrive.
11. There will be a set rotation, you will always mail to the same person, I will try to arrange it so you are mailing to the person closest geographically to you, to keep costs down.
12. There will be regular check in and communications among the group when we establish our yahoo group.
13. If there is anything I forgot, I'll add it along the way after we set up our yahoo group.

If you have questions or comments that might help, feel free to post them here.

These pictures are of a two page entry I made in my last round robin group. The owner of the book had selected Horror Movies as her theme. I thought it was wierd, but it turned out to be one of my most creative experiences!!

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