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Friday, November 30, 2007


New acrylic album pages are available from Laserline! woohoo! If you've been having a hard time getting your hands on some, let your local scrapbook retailer know that Laserline manufacturers their own albums right here in the USA and are available to ship now!

More new and exciting options such as etching will be available as CHA Winter 08 approaches.

Scrap on!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007


I would be happy to collect donations locally or by mail and forward them for you, or you can send them directly to the address on the wish list. -Becky C.

WISH LIST – September, 2007

Department of Veterans Affairs Center (135)

Togus VA Medical Center

Augusta, Maine 04330

(207) 621-4886 ex. 4886

When sending items to Togus please:
  • Use the address listed at the top of the page

  • Include a note in the box to say it is from Soldiers’ Angels

  • Write on the outside of the box that it is from Soldiers’ Angels

  1. Drivers for statewide Volunteer Transportation Network – Sanford, Rockland, Brunswick, Skowhegan, Portland, Caribou

  2. Veterans History Project- recording personal histories

  3. Escort and Delivery – Hospital wide and in Primary Care on weekdays

  4. Canteen Service – assisting during lunch time

  5. Mealtime companions for long term care patients - individuals and small groups needed

  6. Nuclear medicine –Office help & procedure buddies

  7. Primary Care – Computer instruction- My HealtheVet & MOVE Program

  8. Nursing Home Care Unit – escort needed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday (12:30-3:30)

  9. Hospice Volunteers – Training provided

  10. NHCU – assistance with clothing/writing letters/reading/visitation

  11. NHCU – 1 on 1 visitation to play board games/cribbage/dominos/etc.

  12. Telehealth Support – Learn to provide support in your community to patients using home telehealth devices (Aroostook, Washington, Hancock, Oxford, York, and Cumberland counties)

  13. CBOC Volunteer needed in Rumford to assist team with general office help Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 2 hrs each day


  1. Electric razors – triple head type. ($49-$69 ea.)

  2. Comfort Item Program (shampoo, deodorant, etc.)

  3. Diabetic snacks for clinic patients

  4. Coffee & Newspaper funds – provides coffee/newspapers at waiting areas/wards/clinics

  5. General Patient Comfort Fund (Memorial Donations)

  6. Adapted Sports Equipment/Outings – Recreation Therapy

  7. National Rehabilitation Events (Golden Age Games, Winter Sports, Wheelchair Games, and Creative Arts )


  1. Unit 4 South activity sponsorship. (approx. $50 pizza party, $25 ice cream Social)

  2. Televisions for patient rooms (approx. $285 ea.)

  3. TV/VCR/DVD combo & cart for Bangor, CBOC ( $500-$700)

  4. Kenmore sewing machine for Recreation activities (approx. $250 ea.)


The Internal Revenue Service has announced that under the Tax Code, donations to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ General Post Fund for exclusively public purposes are deductible from federal income taxes in the manner and to the extent allowable. The announcement reflects the tax law provision, which makes those donations deductible as “donations to the United States”. Donations to support any of the Department’s programs are deductible, whether the donor directs that the donated funds be used for a specific purpose or allows the Department to decide how the donated funds will be used.

NOT NEEDED AT THIS TIME! Used Stamps; any clothing that is stained or torn; Jigsaw Puzzles; Playing Cards; Hardcover Books; Romance Novels; Magazines Over Three Months Old; Disposable Razors; Soap; After-Shave; Writing Tablets; Pens; and Envelopes. Due to Infection Control policies we are unable to take used walkers, canes, or crutches at this time.

When sending items to Togus please:

  • Use the address listed at the top of the page

  • Include a note in the box to say it is from Soldiers’ Angels

  • Write on the outside of the box that it is from Soldiers’ Angels

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Monday, November 26, 2007






Spellbinders and Cuttlebug

Seems like I have lots of scoop to pass today!

Using the CuttleBug ™ to cut and Emboss Spellbinders® Style Dies:

Cutting Sandwich- ( Stack from bottom up )

  1. A plate

  2. C plate

  3. Spellbinders die face up ( rough side up)

  4. paper or cardstock

  5. B plate

  6. run through Cuttlebug machine.

Embossing Spellbinders Dies in the Cuttlebug- ( Stack from bottom up )

  1. A plate on bottom

  2. Spellbinders die face up (with die cut still in die)

  3. 1 Spellbinders tan polymer mat

  4. 3 pieces of cardstock to shim for more embossing detail

  5. two B plates on top

NOTE: If using a Spellbinders Edgebaility card making die only shim the embossing sandwich with TWO pieces of cardstock.

Run through Cuttlebug machine

Continue to decorate and embellish your die cut out by turning the Spellbinders die over and inking or chalking thru the openings of the die.

Results are beautiful

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This is an amazing new tool! If you are looking for a new trimmer that is easy to handle, accurate and affordable, check out the Purple Cow!

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Judi from ScrapperDashery has tagged me!
I've never participated in a tagging before, but I'll try.... and if this is a "tag back" from you tagging me previously and I never did anything, consider it validated.

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog, we all want to know them).
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

My 7 Random Facts:
1. I'm a retired USMC Staff Sergeant
2. I taped an HGTV "That's Clever" segment
3. My favorite color is blue
4. I was a grandmother at 40
5. I live in Maine and hate the cold.
6. I was an extra in an independent film "Second Chance"
7. I LOVE what I do! Creating art, meeting people and traveling.

My tags:
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Margie H.
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Ivan Pope


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quick & Easy Holiday Cards

** If isn't running this video well, it can also be seen on
but you may need to join before viewing.

Measurements for A7 Size:
Triangle "Trees" 4" x 6" tall
Red card stock front and journaling: 5 1/2" x 3 3/4"
Green Card: 9 1/4" x 6 1/2" Fold in half
Star: 1"
Measurements for A6 Size:
Triangle "Trees" 4" tall x 3"
Card front layer: 5 1/4" x 4"
Card: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2" Fold in half
Star Brad 1/2" and ribbon bow on bottom

**I promise my next video will be better quality, I need to get a memory card for my new toy!



Melt Art Class in Manchester NH

I am offering a melt art techniques and jewelry class Saturday Dec 15th @ 1pm
Location: The Paper Tree in Manchester NH
Not familiar with Melt Art?
see the Ranger Industries website.
The first hour will be learning many melt art techniques and the different ways you can incorporate melted UTEE into cards, scrapbooking and altered art embellishments. The second half of class you will use the techniques you learned to create a custom piece of jewelry (your own design) or you can copy mine.
Cost: $55

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I have been indulging in my newest addiction, painting ceramics. Are you familiar with the "shaving cream" background technique? Well, I played with it at the ceramic studio, using the glazes. Here are two bowls I made as well as a few other projects I created as gifts recently. The dragon and cat were painted by my 13yo daughter, Jessica! she's well on her way to being an artist..............

For more information about the studio, (Get Fired Up! in Sanford, ME) see the link to the right in my links.




If you receive an email encouraging you to send a hand made card to "Any Soldier" for the holidays with a unit address or the Walter Reed Medical Center address, please do not participate. Your handy work will not reach the soldier that so desperately needs to be reached.

For the protection of our soldiers, the USPS has been instructed to destroy all letters and parcels addressed in this way. Please see the investigation report.

You can really HELP and REACH soldiers by joining an organization that fosters involvement and support, here's one that I belong to SOLDIER'S ANGELS.

Thank you for supporting our troops, veterans and their families.



Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Make a little girl's dream come true!

Win over $600 worth of rubber stamps.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

OBAMA..... WHAT? Here we go! UPDATED

Snopes says it's TRUE. Except that they can find no proof that he refuses to say the pledge of allegiance.
There is even a video of this event so you can hear the anthem playing and his hand is not on his heart.

I forwarded this image to Obama's campaign website email contact for an explanation before sharing this. The response is as follows:

Dear Friend:

Thank you for inquiring about the false accusation that I have refused to sing the National Anthem or say the Pledge of Allegiance. I knew when I decided to run for President that I would not be immune from the "anything goes" form of attack politics that has been so prominent in our elections in recent years. And this outrageous charge is just another example of the kind of mean spirited, "shock" politics I will move beyond as President.

I am honored to lead a life of public service, and it is inconceivable that I would ever refuse to say the Pledge or sing the National Anthem. In fact, as a U.S. senator, I am sometimes called upon to preside over the opening of the Senate in the morning, at which time I am proud to lead my colleagues in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, with my right hand over my heart. Anybody who doesn't believe in the Pledge shouldn't be running for President.

Every time I have been elected or reelected to the Illinois Senate and the United States Senate, I have proudly raised my right hand, placed my left hand on the Bible and sworn to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." And I will be proud to take the Presidential Oath of office on January 20, 2009.

Thank you again for contacting me. Please share this message with anyone you know who has been misled by this baseless and particularly hurtful political attack.


Barack Obama

Paid for by Obama for America

You can email direct:



Friday, November 02, 2007

Making The Most of your CHA DESIGNER Experience


How To Make The Most of Your CHA Experience

The Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Trade Show is held semi-annually, is the largest entity of it's nature in the craft industry and could be the most valuable opportunity for a Designer. This is true for Designers in the paper crafts industry as well as Designers specializing in other craft mediums. CHA offers opportunities for education, training, networking and marketing that is invaluable to all of it's members but is especially valuable to Designers because it is unprecedented. A volunteer task-force has been making great strides to create a Designer support program that will educate and connect Editors, Publishers and Manufacturers (EPMs) with qualified Designers that can be invaluable to the success of their businesses.

Become A Member. Membership entitles you to pre-show perks including the inside scoop, Showcase Opportunities, Group Support, Press Kit guidance, and lots more! There are prerequisites to obtaining membership which can be challenging for new designers, but hang in there, CHA is aware that this is an obstacle for new Designers and they are working on a compromise. If you can't get membership as a Designer, it is still beneficial to attend the show. If you are on a Design Team for a Manufacturer, Retailer, Service Provider (NSA!) or Publication that has membership, you can wear a guest badge under their membership.

Plan Ahead Create a list of people and companies with whom you would like to meet. Research the appropriate department head and then contact them in advance to set up appointments. Set goals in regards to what you want to accomplish at the show and stay focused.

Participate. Take advantage of as many opportunities as you can to attend training sessions and display your work. You need people to what you can do and if it's a CHA sponsored display or event, then CHA will also promote it for you. Be careful not to obligate yourself more than you can handle. It's better to do one display three marginal displays. Inventory your time and resources before you commit.

A highlight of the Summer 07 CHA Show was the Designer TableScape Displays. There was substantial promotion and press attention and it was displayed in a prominent area in the center of one of the halls! It was very exciting. I was thrilled to hear so many people talking about viewing the TableScapes and how fabulous they were.

Press Kits.
Always provide a press kit. A press kit can be an elaborate collection to promote your arrival in the Designing CHA world, or as simple as a brochure or business card. Provide an attractive container to hold multiple kits so you will have a neat display. You need to get your contact information into as many hands as possible and the Press Room is the first stop, there's an award for the best Designer Kit, so be competitive!

My press kit for the CHA Summer 07 Show was hand crafted, because that's what I do and that is the message I wanted to send. It had many parts. I also used my Designer Showcase Display. I created a poster using my background paper design and had it professionally printed, then displayed it in a frame on an easel. The containers were white gable boxes that I decorated and embellished with a photo on the front that matched the poster. Inside the container was a bound mini-book of 12 pages with thought provoking messages for manufacturers to see along-side samples of my work that coincided with the message. Other items in the boxes were: a DVD of my HGTV episode of “That's Clever”, a short ½ page bio with a partial resume which was embellished with a real photo and a fabric flower attached with a button and piercing tool, an over-sized business card that matched the poster and containers and last, but not least, a small sweet treat; chocolate bars wrapped with my paper designs decorated with ribbon.

Designer Showcase
. There was a nominal fee to participate in the Showcase Event, but it was well worth it. I shipped boxes of albums and art to my hotel for my display. The showcase was held on the last day of the show in a private room. Designers receive one 2' x 6' table to create their display and CHA provides the promotion, press, appointment schedules and monitors to watch the area to keep the displays safe. Set up was from 7 am – 8:30 am. After set up, Designers must leave to allow the Editors, Publishers, and Manufacturers (EPMs) to view the showcase without interruptions. This format was initiated because the EPMs have limited time to be off the selling floor and many want to look, but don't have time to chat it up. I put some of those sweet treats (candy bars wrapped in my paper designs and decorated with ribbon) in a planter on my table in hopes of getting viewers to stop and take a closer look.

Volunteer. CHA is a not-for-profit organization and many of the programs require volunteers to help out. This is also another opportunity to be seen. The Press Room needs volunteers to straighten and maintain the displays. The Showcase area needed volunteers to help monitor. These are more opportunities to be in the middle of all of the excitement and meet people that are attending or viewing the displays. In addition, you get to be a part of the ground-breaking strides that are happening within CHA for Designers. Always conduct yourself as a professional, you never know who might be sitting at your “round table” discussion or listening over your shoulder. Dress appropriately. If you are looking for work, then consider it a job interview and dress accordingly. There is no second chance at a first impression. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, you will be doing lots of walking. If you are attending the CHA Show as a guest or Design Team Member for a Manufacturer, Retailer, or Service Provider then you need to be aware that other CHA members will look to your ID Badge in earnest. Some Manufacturers do not allow other Manufacturers to attend their product classes offered at CHA, these special seats are reserved for Retailers that are paying for the class to learn more about how to promote and sell the products in their stores. This is one example of how you may need to adjust your behavior or participation in the educational events to match the badge you are wearing. When you are walking the display floor; I refer to this area as the “sales floor” because this is where manufacturers have paid for booths to display their new release items and are waiting for buyers, you must be mindful that “sales” is the top priority for those displayers. It is not wise to be pushy or try to monopolize a manufacturer's booth with a designer pitch. I do NOT recommend carrying a portfolio around to pull out to show them in their booths. They cannot take time away from sales to find new designers, this is why CHA is working hard on new programs to bring designers and EPMs together in a productive way for all parties. A more appropriate approach might be to introduce yourself, explain that you are a designer and will be brief. Direct them to your Designer Showcase display and leave your business card. Often, if your business card contains your cell phone number, they may call you while you are still at the show and request an interview.

Follow Up
. Everytime you give someone your business card, you ask for theirs. Write notes on the back of cards to remember why you contacted this person or what they need from you. When you get back to business after the show, be sure to send an email or call within the first week following CHA. Don't be discouraged if things seem to move slowly, many companies are busy filling their orders and tying up loose ends. Follow up with a phone call about 2 weeks after CHA to see if they are still interested in discussing business with you.

Do you remember the thrill of adrenaline when you walked into a new scrapbook store for the very first time? CHA is “just like that” except multiply it by over 3000 times the intensity because that's how many displayers will be there with HOT, NEW product releases!! Have fun and SMILE.

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