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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My day began with the Queen of Crafting herself, Carol Duvall who was being interviewed on the CHA stage! A dream come true for me to meet this icon, a lovely, friendly and personable woman, what a pleasure! She has a new book out!

product picks for today! something new......... SCRAPONIZER an amazing new organizational tool for scrappers and also other crafters. Basically clear compartmentalized containers that can file vertically in a file folder or basket or horizontally on a shelf, they can be personalized/decorated too! check them out!
LAZERTRAN! Finally a printable transfer paper for multi media art that works in an inkjet printer instead of a lazer printer. Actually they offer a wide range of different printable art papers. Good stuff!

RAINBOW TAPE: I loved this product, first because it's a mom and pop company. I met Mr. Robert Kaufman at the show! This tape is bold, flexible and fun! here is an image of the best sample at the booth! LOVE the stained glass effect made with the black tape, many colors available and it can turn corners..................... woohoo! Be sure to hyphenate when you visit their site:

TIM HOLTZ has a line of new and fantastic metal embellishments to accent his distress art style. Tags, shaped clips and numbers.

TIM SITING! Tim was at the Ranger booth demo-ing today! I'm so sorry I couldn't get an image of what he was working on, the booth area was swamped as usual!

Also new for Ranger is a very colorful line of pigment inks...........
and a spinner rack that has tension gribs that will hold dabbers, small bottles and the pouncer tool.
There is SO MUCH TO SEE at the show, I need to give a few shout outs to some companies that have been very generous to me and have also come out with some amazing new products......
* INSPIRED CRAFTS -the makers of Paper Glide have a new Mist It! pump pen that is fillable with whatever your artistic needs require: perfume, water, hand sanitizer, breath spray and more! AND the size is acceptable for airplane travel.
* WD-40- yes you heard me right! WD-40 has a new pen filled w/ the compound that will remove stickers and or lubricate tools and reach into small controlled areas. Also, their LAVA soap has pumice that will remove even the nastiest ink and mediums from your crafty hands.
* BAG OF BAGS - durable handled clear plastic bags that are printable or sold plain, great for class kits, layouts, page planning and storage!
* THE WEBSTER GROUP - Great surfaces and shapes that can be custom decorated, great for kids, treasured memories and group parties etc. Frames, piggy banks, coffee mugs, platters and more! The most inspirational item: A kit that creates a digital coffee table book, including images and text, made by you, bound by you at home that only takes 1 hour to make!
cheers! see you tomorrow.
Cindy R........... I'll check out Worldwin for you tomorrow.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm the first commenter! It's really exciting to see all the great finds so far, but there is one company that I'm dying to 'meet'. It's called Core'dinations (or something like that). New company, black cardstock with a color core for sanding/tearing, etc. Please, please find them for me! :)
Thanks, and keep up the excellent reporting!
Mari A.

4:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, find ALL the new stuff!! Love your altered/mixed media art piece. How exciting to be there...someday that is my wish. I heard Chatterbox got bought out by 7Gypsies any idea what they are doing? Thanks for the great sneak peeks. Enjoy. I'm sooooooo envious.

7:54 PM

Blogger BeckyChabot said...

you are SO welcome! PLEASE when you post on my blog, please sign your name. post#1 no such company, probably mis-info. post#2 same deal. 7gs and chatterbox still separate and displaying separate booths. no scuttlebutt here. no rumors. keep it real

2:58 AM

Blogger Cindy Roland said...

Robin just wrote me and told me to look on your blog. HA! I am so glad you found the time to stop by WWP. Thanks so much for doing that and taking the photo. I really appreciate it. I have a funny story (well, it wasn't funny at the time) about all the catastrophes that happened while I was in the process of making this wreath. The main thing is, I got it done and safely on it's way.
I am loving all the pics and postings of the new products. Tim is looking good, even from a distance. Great shot of Cindi and you too!

11:00 AM


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